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General Policies

Prices, equipment availability, and rental policies subject to change without notice.

  • Photo ID and/or Current Driver’s license is required at the time of pick-up.

  • You must be 18yrs old or older to rent.

  • You will be responsible for all loading and unloading of the boards, including properly strapping boards to vehicles.

  • Payment in full for all rentals is due at the time of reservation.

  • None of these boards are Inflatables.

  • Ashley’s Water Toys, LLC reserves the right to refuse to any individual(s).

Cancellation Policy

  • Customers can cancel their booking for any reason 24 hours prior to the start of their first experience, if they purchased insurance at the time of booking. Any adjustments needed to a booking with insurance will need to fully cancel and rebook before 24 hours. Any cancellations under 24 hours of the event, can receive an in-store credit in the amount of the equipment rentals.

  • Without insurance, canceled and adjusted bookings can have store credit. Store credit must be used within 365 days, and cannot be used on a holiday weekend. If you need to cancel or adjust your booking and you did not buy insurance you can text Ashley at 801-815-9766 to get the in-store credit.

  • There are no refunds for illness, weather, early returns or non-usage.

Check-Out Procedures

Utah Division of Wildlife REQUIRES the transporter and loader of the equipment to take the mandatory Mussel Aware course and print the registrations. Customers are responsible for taking the course and showing proof. Click the link to take the course. 

Required Course by the State of Utah

Before leaving Ashley’s Water Toys, you are responsible for inspecting all equipment carefully and to bring any missing or damaged equipment to a staff member's attention
. Make sure any discrepancies are noted on the rental agreement. Failure to note any discrepancies may result in a fee for damaged or missing equipment. If needed, please ask a staff member for assistance with inspection and/or instructions on how to properly set-up the equipment.

Check-In Procedures

Equipment must be returned within 1-hour of the time and date listed on your contract. Returns later than 1-hour of the listed time may incur a late fee. A cleaning fee of $5.00 per boat will be collected if they are not returned in the same condition they left. You will be charged for equipment that is dirty, damaged, or missing, up to and including the cost to replace such equipment at the current equipment costs, regardless of the age of the equipment.

Equipment left unattended (during Closed hours) at Ashley’s Water Toys will be charged a $25.00 fee regardless of the reason unless arrangements are made before hand with a staff member. Should the equipment be lost or stolen while left unattended, the renter will be responsible for all replacement costs at full retail prices.

Late Fees

Late fees are assessed at 1.5 times the daily rate for each day the equipment is not returned- including holidays and closed dates. This is strictly enforced as it jeopardizes another person's trip. Any late equipment affecting another person's rental will be charged the entire cost of the other rental.


I also agree that if I damage, loose, or misplace any item I rent from Ashley’s Water Toys LLC that I will pay for these losses or damages according to prices listed below. I agree that if Ashley’s Water Toys, LLC incurs any costs associated with recovery of payment for damages or losses (such as court costs) that I will reimburse or pay Ashley’s Water Toys, LLC for these costs as well as the cost of the damaged or lost items. Bent, lost or broken paddles, bent or damaged Paddle Boards or kayaks will be charged for replacement.

I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for any damage to the product or loss during the time it is checked out to me and if damage or loss occurs, I authorize Ashley’s Water Toys, LLC to charge the cost of replacement or repair to my credit card. Rental Fees do not cover any portion of damages to equipment. Any damaged equipment interfering with the rental or reservation of another will be charged the entire cost of the other rental in addition to all equipment repair and/or replacement costs.

Replacement Costs


  • Youth Hooligan - $250

  • Adult Freestyle/Aurora - $350

  • Any Paddleboard fin, each - $20


  • Youth Kayaks - $130

  • Kokanee/Manta - $500

  • Hydro/Lotus - $250

  • Kayak Backrest each Adult/Kid - $35/$15

Lily Pad - $400


  • Straps (each) or Foam Rack - $10

  • Youth Paddle for SUP or Kayak - $35

  • Adult SUP Paddle - $45

  • Kayak Paddle each for Tandem - $70

  • Kayak Paddle for Single - $45

  • Life Jacket – Adult/Child - $50/$40

  • Plugs, Handles, Drip Cups - $10

  • Kayak Cart - $65

  • Snowie Equipment - $300

Before renting I am responsible for looking over all the equipment, and by taking the equipment I agree that all the following: Handles, Life Jackets, Body of Board, Fins, Plugs, Kayak seats and discs, and all paddles are NOT damaged or missing and in good working order, and that the boards are not bent or dented. I agree to pay in full the amounts above if Ashley’s Water Toys deems the items not returned in the same order. 

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